By far the most frequently asked question we get about bonds is: what is the difference between the yield on the bond and the interest rate on the bond? Today we TRY to demystify this source of universal confusion. The article contains examples for illustration purposes only and statements...

Dec 05, 2022

Many bonds are issued today with a call feature which means they can be redeemed or repaid by the issuer prior to their scheduled maturity date. However, the early redemption of a bond is not automatic and highly depends upon the unfolding of events at the issuer level, specifically, and...

Nov 14, 2022

Daily I get calls from prospective clients looking for more information on global or international bonds that are recommended or suggested to them. Whether the yields are high or seem low, we patiently explain the details on the bonds and how the process works. If the client is a savvy...

Oct 31, 2022

Our discussions on bonds continue; after learning the bond basics, today we examine how bonds behave in an environment of high-interest rates, a relevant topic given the current interest rate environment. Before moving on to how bonds behave in a high-interest rate environment, we should...

Oct 24, 2022

Bonds can create a balancing force within an investment portfolio. If you have the majority of your portfolio invested in stocks, adding bonds can diversify your assets and lower your overall risk. So, how do you go about adding bonds to your portfolio and more importantly, why should you...

Jul 25, 2022

My previous article, Bond Basics I, covered several bonds-related concepts, including Face Value, Coupon Rate, Callability, Yield-to-Maturity, and Credit Rating. However, there is still a lot more an investor should know to better understand the seemingly complex world of bonds. Today, we...

Jul 18, 2022

Rising interest rates have caused bond prices to decrease and bond yields to increase. Consequently, investors are faced with the decision of investing in longer dated bonds or shorter dated bonds which will mature soon and can be reinvested at higher rates. The global bond market may...

May 30, 2022

Imagine you have been comfortably holding your bond for several years and you see on the financial news the issuers of your bond have made a tender offer to buy back this bond. What would you do? This may cause instant panic or feelings of uncertainty, especially if you have never...

Jan 31, 2022

As interest rates fluctuate or decline many investors often seek new products or consider restructuring their portfolio. Understandably declining rates can give rise to feelings of fear, anxiety or second guessing your investments. Investors who actively monitor their investments may...

Dec 13, 2021

An investment fund is a financial vehicle that pools money contributed by a group of individuals to invest in different types of assets. There are numerous investment funds and numerous ways to classify them, however they are most often categorised according to the type of asset in which...

Oct 25, 2021

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