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You Name Your Goal, SAM Will Navigate Your Journey.

There is strength in numbers. When you choose to partner with Sterling, you get more than a cookie-cutter investment model. As a boutique investment firm, Sterling puts you at the center of what we do, so naturally, every portfolio is created with YOUR goals in mind.

Take a look at some of the investment instruments we use to realize your goals.

Mutual Fund

Sterling’s Global High Yield Bond fund was one of the first truly global mutual funds offered in Jamaica. It gave investors access to investments outside of Jamaica and allowed them to add diversification and USD currency exposure to their portfolios.

Includes: Sterling Global Funds.

Short Term Investments

Optimize your returns with any one of Sterling’s short term investments. We have options for each investor – call us to find out which one is right for you.

Includes: Repurchase Agreement (REPOS), Promissory Notes & Certificate of Participation.

Global US$ Bonds

Sterling brings the global capital market to your fingertips. Our custodial accounts facilitate the outright ownership of any investment instrument available on the international stock, bond and derivative markets – with NO fees.

Personalized Investment Planning

One of the best things about being a global asset manager is that we have the flexibility to truly customize the right strategy to meet your financial goals.

Includes: Customized Financial Planning, and Investment Management.

Investment Solutions

Figure out whats right for you!

If you are seeking:

  •   A short term investment
  •   Capital preservation
  •   Liquidity
  •   Income
  •   Low risk levels

Then consider our:

  •   US$ Repurchase Agreements (Repos)
  •   US$ Sterling Promissory Note
  •   US$ Certificates of Participation

If you are seeking:

  •   A medium to long term investment
  •   Capital growth
  •   Moderate risk levels

Then consider our:

  •   US$ Mutual Fund

If you are seeking:

  •   A medium to long term investment
  •   Income
  •   Capital growth
  •   Moderate to high risk levels

Then consider our:

  •   US$ Bonds

Trust in your dream, trust in OUR TEAM



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