What Is The Benefit of Joining A Mutual Fund?

Mutual Funds provide growth, diversification and access to investment management expertise for smaller investors.

How Do Mutual Funds Work?

Mutual funds are the embodciment of the saying, strength in numbers. 

Imagine you have US$100 to invest. This low amount will not garner much in terms of interest if you invest it in the market. Now imagine ten thousand people have US$100 to invest. If everyone pools their money into one fund, they will command a higher rate of return and start earning more individually. Also, now that there is more money to invest, bigger investment opportunities will open their doors to you. 

SAM can grow your money through our carefully stewarded mutual fund. We maximize profit and minimize risk to serve your ultimate financial goals.

What is investing? Is it the same as saving?

Investing is the act of putting money into various instruments with an expectation of earning a profit. Investments carry some degree of risk as well as the potential for greater rewards. 

Saving refers to putting funds in a traditional bank account where over time, it can decrease in value due to inflation. It does not carry any risk but also does not create the potential to earn any profit. 

How risky is investing?

The type of investment risk varies depending on the nature of the investment. Some investment options have very little risk whereas other may carry moderate amounts of risk. Please call and speak to one of our Investment advisors on further details on how to match your risk appetite to investment options.

Do you provide access to global investing?

We provide access to the international financial market. Investments ranging from bonds, equities can be purchased on your behalf through our investment advisors.

How long has Sterling been around?

Sterling has been around since May 1, 2001.

Is Sterling Asset Management a bank?

No, Sterling Asset is a financial service provider. We are a securities dealer regulated by the Financial Services Commission.

Can A Boutique Investment Firm Provide The Global Investment Access I Seek?

Yes we can. 

SAM Grows Your Wealth by providing next-level access to international markets. 

We partner with renowned US brokerage houses, Oppenheimer & Co., Morgan Keegan & Co. and Deutsche Bank, to preserve and grow your investments. These large brokerage houses in the US are able to execute transactions in all the major capital markets of the world and provide You access to greater returns. 

Our international partners act as custodians of the Sterling Global investment portfolio. Their reputation for 100% transparency, responsible financial stewardship and precise investment strategies offer our valued clients a rarity in the investment world—peace of mind.



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