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Sterling Asset Management was born like a phoenix from the ashes of the financial crisis in Jamaica at the turn of the 21st century. In 2000, the Jamaican financial markets were still recovering from a major meltdown. Between 1990 and 1996, the Jamaican US Dollar exchange rate moved from J$6.50/US$1 to J$40.01/US$1. During this crisis, 10 Jamaican financial institutions disappeared. Investors were reeling from the dramatic loss in value of their savings, pensions and investments.

From these flames, Sterling Asset Management emerged, determined to create a safer environment where healthy returns could be gained on sound investments. Through working smarter, performing better due diligence and insulating their investors from local risk, Sterling has become a favorite asset manager for sophisticated investors across the Caribbean.

Sterling provides attractive returns for medium to long term investors at relatively lower risk levels in hard currency. As the first institution to exclusively offer USD denominated products, we were able to provide investment opportunities that were insulated from local risk—products that had not been accessible to local investors previously.
Sterling was born as a 21st century solution to the grave financial disappointments of the past. We aim to remain agile, focused and shrewd as we build on our clients’ successes and grow towards our goal of becoming the top Asset Management firm in the Caribbean.

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First Mover

First local asset manager to exclusively focus on USD Bonds and global investments.


First local fund to introduce a dividend reinvestment program and complementary share purchase program for a publicly listed company - Sterling Investments Limited. 


US$1,000 invested in Sterling’s mutual fund in 2003, would be worth US$6,513.50 in 2019. That’s a return of 12% Per Annum.

Why Sterling? Simple.

Better Returns

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Sterling has consistently delivered some of the highest risk adjusted returns available in Jamaica. Our custom built portfolios have consistently outperformed other managed portfolios currently available in the local market. Our primary focus is on global fixed income securities. Our USD mutual fund has returned over 11% per annum for the past 13 years.

Special Attention

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We focus on building custom investment portfolios that meet your return target within your risk profile. Our trusted advisors are easily accessible and ready to create an investment strategy with your personal goals in mind. We advise on portfolio management for all stages of the financial lifecycle.

U.S. Dollar Expertise

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SAM was formed 18 years ago to give local investors access to the global capital markets. Here, investors can enjoy a wider array of investment options and more flexibility and diversification. We provide investors the option to invest in higher quality assets without sacrificing a proportionate decline in yield. Sterling is a licensed securities dealer and is registered with the Financial Services Commission. Our capital adequacy ratio is almost 2.5 times the regulator’s minimum of 10%. This makes us one of the safest financial institutions in Jamaica.

We are a full-service financial planner, fund manager and global securities trader specializing in (but not limited to) US Dollar investments. If you have US dollars to invest, we are the firm that will maximize your return.




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