The thought of shopping evokes different reactions from people, some people’s expressions light up at the thought of going shopping while other people are unable to hide their grimaces. Whether you are shopping out of necessity or just for therapy, most of us are searching for the best...

Bonds, like many other asset classes, have recovered from their covid-19 pandemic induced sell-off in March 2020 and prices should continue to rise since the U.S. central bank plans to keep its policy rate near zero until at least 2023 even as the economy improves. Higher bond prices...

“Before I agree to 2021, I need to see the terms & conditions”. That is a post I recently saw on social media and you can even buy merchandise with that saying printed on it. Although, it literally made me laugh out loud, it also made me pause and think. There are very few people who can...

Today we take a quick look at the key market events, movements and investing lessons of 2020. The most common takeaways were:

  1. More money chasing fewer assets: The prices of Global financial assets (i.e. stocks, bonds) recovered more quickly than many people expected and somewhat out...

Christmas Day has come and gone, and I hope you had a great and safe time. By now, you opened all of your presents. But have you ever had a friend stop by the week after Christmas, or soon after when all the decorations have been placed back into storage? Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when...

As we approach the close of 2020, we reflect on the anomalies which have occurred during the year and were led by Covid-19. This will be a period studied by historians for many years to come.

We have all been affected and have had to make lifestyle changes which have now become the “new...

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