''Work smarter not harder'', the famous words of Allen F. Morgenstern, can be interpreted in many ways. Most times it is interpreted as finding methods to reduce the effort required to complete a physical task. Many people neglect the fact that this phrase can also be applied to achieving...

Did you read the title and immediately picture two opponents with swords drawn getting ready to battle it out in a fencing match? Well, even if you didn’t, the literal translation for “en garde” is “be on your guard”. You may not be in a literal fight but there are many things that we must...

Investors know that one of the first things they are told when considering a new investment is the minimum size of the investment. For example, when investing in a bond, the minimum can be as low as US$1,000 and as high as US$200,000. Your advisor would probably present you with several...

We are constantly being reminded of the need to prepare for retirement and given various tips, however, there are challenges that arise that you only realize once you are retired or approaching retirement. One such challenge which is also a blessing is your children. 

Some of us have...

As long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by stories of extreme weight loss. I would go through the before and after pictures, diligently comparing the two to ensure it was really the same person and then I would read in depth the measures that the person took to achieve losses of...

The answer is: it depends. Investors have to decide among numerous options when they are making investment decisions. One of the most common dilemmas arises when an investor needs to decide whether to put their money in a mutual fund or directly in a bond. Now let us look at how the...

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