“Fed Taper” talk is in the air again, well at least the talking about talking about phase which can be interpreted to mean that the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank (the Fed) is merely considering tapering rather than seriously deciding to do anything about it. But what is “tapering”, when is the...

The idea of financial independence (FI) can be different for many people. For some, the idea of FI is one of having enough income to cover your expenses for the rest of your life without having to be employed. For others it may be saving and investing so as not to rely on others to achieve...

There are many beliefs and misconceptions that are held by young investors today. Often great opportunities are lost because of this. Generally investing seems demanding, risky, and boring. They frequently view investing as something for others who are more aware, older and at a certain...

In part 1 of this article, published last Sunday, we discussed what a time horizon is and how it should affect the selection of your investments. As a quick recap, the time horizon is the length of time an investor expects to own their investment and can be determined by estimating the...

When deciding on what type or types of investments you should hold there are very few questions that are more important than, “What is your time horizon?” The time horizon or investment horizon is the length of time an investor expects to own their investment. If you can estimate the...

Many investors often think of diversifying as having different investment managers and investing in different asset classes. However, there is also diversification within asset class which unfortunately is not considered enough by investors.

According to Investopedia, “diversification...

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