COVID-19 has affected our lives in so many ways. Face masks are now fashion accessories. Handshakes have given way to nods, waves and elbow bumps. Hugs are a major no-no and you refrain from coughing in public out of fear of the side-eyes, death glares and scorning that will immediately...

Is it over yet? I am sure you have found yourself asking that question (repeatedly) as we navigate “the new normal” and continue to practice social distancing in this COVID-19 world we have found ourselves living in. If you are one of the lucky ones, your income has not been affected and...

So, you bought your investment-grade bond in 2016 when bonds were going for cheap … say at 100. You planned to sell at 115 and make a tidy capital gain of 15% (NB: if you bought 200,000 face value of the bond, this would translate to $30,000 gain). You are on your way to your desirable...

What is Leverage?

In the sphere of finance and investments, leverage is the technique of using borrowed funds (debt) to purchase assets and/or make investments. This technique can be employed if the investor does not want to invest new cash (equity). A very common form of leverage used...

Whether you chose to invest during this pandemic or not, let’s look briefly on a few things we can do until there is a resolution. During these troubling times- investors can remain calm, be smart, and invest by looking at options that present themselves.


One of the first options...

What is an anchor? One of the definitions according to the Cambridge Dictionary is to make something or someone stay in one position by fastening him, her, or it firmly.  Now, if you are a Christian, the first thing that would have come to mind was “My Soul’s been anchored in the Lord”...

You may look at this title and sigh. For many people, this has been a long drawn out process with seemingly no end in sight. Hardship is easier to bear when the end date is known. This is why everyone has such words of wisdom in hindsight after a crisis to say what should have been done...

Is this the bottom of the market?

Prices fell precipitously in early March with the onset of the virus. Mid last week they made a brief turnaround.

Everyone wants to know – where is the bottom. Firstly, here is a recap of where markets are since the start of 2020:


2019 dispelled three huge misconceptions about investing 

  • The Jamaican Stock Market is more attractive than the U.S. stock market 
  • Bonds can’t deliver growth
  • You can’t lose with Real estate 

In 2019, the S&P 500 delivered a higher return to investors for less risk than the...

How to identify a bubble?

What is a bubble? Investopedia defines it as “a rapid escalation of asset prices followed by a contraction, often created by a surge in asset prices that is fundamentally unwarranted.” In layman’s terms, this is when prices of assets like stock, real estate etc...

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