Investors know that one of the first things they are told when considering a new investment is the minimum size of the investment. For example, when investing in a bond, the minimum can be as low as US$1,000 and as high as US$200,000. Your advisor would probably present you with several...

So much of the global economic outlook depends on the success of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic and one thing that is almost certain is that current ultra-low interest rates will likely continue for quite some time. Each time the news features progress on a vaccine, the U.S...

Don’t feel bad if the first thing that came to mind was the Tom Cruise movie “Minority Report” when you saw the title of this article. Minority interest, affectionately known as non-controlling interest, is not something that is usually tossed around in idle conversation; however, it...

Companies around the world make important decisions every day. Some companies have cash flow issues, but some lucky companies have the opposite problem. i.e. they have extra cash on their hands. The question is: what should they do with that cash? Some companies choose to invest in the...

Where does the theory meet the practice? I imagine that you have heeded all the advice regarding investing when the market prices are depressed, and you have decided to take the plunge. Let’s imagine that you have also decided which stocks to invest in, i.e. you have decided on an...

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