According to FSC data, the private pension industry grew by 16% in 2019. More people are contributing to pensions- which is a positive development. However, are these pensions able to give the investors a positive return and support them in retirement? Could you be investing in a pension...

JPS recently announced that it would call (i.e. “repurchase”) its 11% 2021 bond at a price of 101.83 from bondholders on March 5, 2019.   This means that in addition to the interest earned for the period, bondholders will receive their principal of US$101.83 for every US$100 of face value...

Retirement planning: Should I buy a bond or an annuity? 

How does one choose between an annuity and a bond or portfolio of bonds? Few investors realize that they can enjoy the security of an annuity with much higher income and total returns. This can be achieved with a low risk bond...

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