How often do you re-assess how much money you will need to last you through your retirement? Did you know that this figure will change based on the interest rate environment? Interest rates affect how much money you need to put aside each month for retirement. It also affects what your...

We are constantly being reminded of the need to prepare for retirement and given various tips, however, there are challenges that arise that you only realize once you are retired or approaching retirement. One such challenge which is also a blessing is your children. 

Some of us have...

According to FSC data, the private pension industry grew by 16% in 2019. More people are contributing to pensions- which is a positive development. However, are these pensions able to give the investors a positive return and support them in retirement? Could you be investing in a pension...

JPS recently announced that it would call (i.e. “repurchase”) its 11% 2021 bond at a price of 101.83 from bondholders on March 5, 2019.   This means that in addition to the interest earned for the period, bondholders will receive their principal of US$101.83 for every US$100 of face value...

Retirement planning: Should I buy a bond or an annuity? 

How does one choose between an annuity and a bond or portfolio of bonds? Few investors realize that they can enjoy the security of an annuity with much higher income and total returns. This can be achieved with a low risk bond...

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