A promissory note, also called a "pro note", "p note" or simply "note", is a type of fixed-income debt instrument, similar to a bond, loan or even an IOU, in which one party, known as the issuer, makes a written promise to pay a certain amount of money to a specific person or entity...

Sep 19, 2022

Many local financial institutions have discontinued offering repurchase agreements, more popularly known as “repos”. However, repos should not be overlooked. Although simple in nature they are very useful short-term investments and can be a valuable addition to your portfolio.


Sep 12, 2022

Our discussions on bonds continue. After learning the bond basics and making the investment, what should you do with the income? As a refresher, a bond is a debt instrument in which an investor loans money to an entity in return for receiving a fixed or variable interest rate, with...

Sep 05, 2022

Last week my colleague Dwayne highlighted the importance of opening a new account when one closes. As he mentioned technology and high levels of customer service should help make this a seamless process. The real dilemma that many investors face when their accounts are closed is what...

Aug 22, 2022

From time-to-time situations may arise where an account that you hold may have to be closed, whether voluntarily or involuntarily. This can occur with either a savings type account or an investment account. From the account holder’s perspective, the account may no longer fit into your...

Aug 15, 2022

Ever since the U.S. (the world’s largest economy) contracted in the first quarter of this year, there has been speculation that the global economy could slip back into another recession. The odds were further boosted by the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, unresolved supply chain issues and...

Aug 08, 2022

Last week my colleague Dwayne shared with readers the importance of financial agility, especially in volatile markets. An investor may wonder if they should change course and if there are truly opportunities out there when market conditions appear to be declining rapidly? While every...

Jul 04, 2022

If you think a barbell is just a tool for building muscles, think again. Barbell also refers to a strategy that bond investors can exercise (pun intended) to protect their portfolios from the effects of interest rates and potentially improve their returns.

The barbell strategy, when...

Jun 06, 2022

Last week we discussed the Ostrich and Meerkat Effects. The Ostrich Effect refers to the idea that some investors metaphorically bury their heads in the sand to ignore or avoid negative news while the Meerkat Effect describes investors who display the opposite behavior. When faced with a...

Apr 25, 2022

Red flags are traditionally used to signal danger. There are many red flags waving in front of us in our everyday life that we often ignore. This can be detrimental to our health and wealth such as when we feel unwell physically and ignore the signs of illness (red flags) to our peril...

Apr 11, 2022

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