Colando Hutchinson

Executive Consultant
- Capital Market

Investment banker Colando Hutchinson joined Sterling Asset Management as an Executive Consultant in July 2022. His twenty years of experience started at KPMG and Pan Caribbean Merchant Bank Limited, and spans accounting, finance, FX trading, treasury management, portfolio management and investment banking. Hutchinson will work alongside Sterling Asset Management’s leadership team to optimise the investment firm’s strategic objectives.

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Educational Background
  • KPMG Scholarship awardee – University of the West Indies (“UWI”), earning a Bachelor of Science Degree (Accounting and Economics).
  • Fellow Chartered Certified Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst (“CFA”).
  • MBA in Finance from Edinburgh Business School.
Industry Experience

Colando spent 10 years with Victoria Mutual Wealth Management Limited (“VM Wealth”). He is credited with establishing and growing the capital market and asset management businesses at VM Wealth as well as the VMIL group’s expansion into a variety of credit products. His last role at VM Wealth was that of Deputy CEO.  Over the past year he has worked as a consultant to a Jamaican securities dealer where he structured several transactions.

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