Weather Proofing Your Portfolio

The last few weeks have been quite traumatic for us Jamaicans, first we were very shaken up by an earthquake, which followed on the heels of the one experienced in September, then just a few weeks later, we experienced storm like conditions which understandably would have left several of us still feeling traumatized. As I thought about the shocks and the aftershocks, which were felt literally and figuratively, it got me thinking about the shocks experienced in investments.

Securing Your Legacy: Estate Planning & Wealth Creation

You've probably heard the expression "You can't take it with you," referring to the fact that you won't be able to take your money or valuables with you when you die. However, if you have a family, you should value building and preserving wealth in order to leave an inheritance for future generations. As a result, Estate Planning is an important part of financial management that is frequently overlooked in conversations about wealth management. According to a 2023 study conducted by The Law Depot, 73% of respondents did not have an estate plan.

Common Roadblocks to Investing and How to Overcome Them

Investing is a key component of building wealth and achieving financial security. However, many people encounter roadblocks that prevent them from taking the plunge into the world of investments. These roadblocks can be financial, psychological, or related to a lack of knowledge. In this article, I will introduce some common roadblocks to investing and offer guidance on how to overcome them.

How to prepare for your NROCC Paydown

The National Road Operating and Constructing Company, NROCC 9.375% 2024 Bond is set to make a principal payment to bondholders on November 10th, 2023. You should be receiving roughly 50% of the principal amount you own. Be sure to ask your broker about it and prevent the funds from sitting idly in your account. As investors receive the proceeds from this paydown, it's essential to understand that the current environment is very different from the one they purchased this bond in.

Venezuelan bonds resume trading!!!

Investors worldwide have suffered losses to their investment portfolios as they hold or have held bonds issued by the Republic of Venezuela or the state-owned oil company Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA). Many bond investors here in Jamaica once owned or still own bonds issued by one or both entities, which are now in default.

What should I do with my Investment Income?

“Christine, what can I do with the income from my investment?” This is a question I’m often asked by prospective and current clients. My response is generally the same: “It depends on your goals and financial needs”. Truly there is no right or wrong answer as it depends on the individual and what ultimately works for them.

The Demise of the U.S. Dollar - Real or Overblown?

A client of ours recently asked my opinion on the financial media frenzy debate about the possible demise of the U.S. dollar in the near-term. Concerns range from growing national debt to the emergence of competing currencies and economic shifts. In this article, we'll explore the arguments for and against the demise of the U.S. dollar and determine whether these concerns are genuine or overblown.

The Concerns

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