All great relationships begin with trust and understanding. This applies in both personal and professional situations. Choosing a financial advisor for investment guidance should also adhere to this principle. The investor/advisor relationship should be one where the investor trusts the...

Mar 14, 2021

You have probably heard the phrase that interest rates and bond prices move in opposite directions. That is, as interest rates rise bond prices are expected to fall and vice versa. However, since the start of 2021 we have observed a steady rise in international rates, yet corporate bond...

Mar 07, 2021

Does it make sense to hold your investment portfolios with different financial institutions in case one runs into trouble? In the world of investing, the ways in which you can diversify are endless- across currencies, countries, industries, asset classes and more. When done in a structured...

Feb 28, 2021

As investors we seek to make the best investment decisions with the intention of maximizing our returns. However, the reality is that with so much information and so many investment options available, it can be difficult for an individual to sort through this information to make an...

Feb 21, 2021

Important questions to ask when someone yells “diversification!”

What are the metrics of diversification that really matter?

  • Credit or Default Risk: Default risk is the chance that the issuer of the bond you purchased will not repay your principal or interest (in full) at the...

Feb 07, 2021

Diversification; be specific

“Diversification” - hands down the most overused term in any industry. Why do people love this term and why is it so universally revered? Anyone that owned a small number of Tesla or Apple shares a few years ago is certainly wishing they did not “diversify”...

Jan 31, 2021

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