So, you are at the point where you are considering the purchase of some bonds. As an investor, one determinant of what you purchase should be the yield you may expect from your investment.

There are basically 3 types of yields that would interest the average investor. These are the...

Feb 19, 2010

Callable bonds

This week, the Sterling report aims to introduce another common feature of fixed income instruments – call options. By explaining the way a call option works, the implications and the pros and cons, we hope to improve your ability to evaluate your investment options.


Jan 07, 2010

What Are Bonds? 

A bond is an IOU in which you, the investor, agree to loan money to a company or government or other known entity - called the Issuer - in exchange for a specified rate of interest over a fixed period of time.  Its opposite is a stock, which represents ownership in an...

Apr 03, 2003

Key takeaways 

  • Check the credit rating of the issuer of your bond before you buy 

  • Higher risk bonds offer higher yields. These bonds are rated BB+ and below 

  • Lower risk bonds offer lower yields. They are called “investment grade” and are rated “BBB-” and above.  


Mar 24, 2003

The buying and selling of bonds can be a very simple and straightforward process, but there are a few features that must be understood regarding the calculations.  

Face Value: 

The face value of the bond can be considered the “principal” value of the loan. It is what the issuer will...

Mar 04, 2003


Today we are going to look at the following two areas: Who are the people or institutions that usually invest in bonds; (and) What are their reasons for doing so?

First, however, we’ll do a quick recap of some of the basic facts about bonds. A bond is a form of I...

Feb 19, 2003

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