Foreign Exchange Service

It is a privilege to introduce Sterling Asset Management’s foreign exchange services and the value that we can deliver to you.

Best value for money.

Sterling Asset Management offers the most competitive rates in the foreign exchange market. Your business’s profitability is affected by each basis point on each transaction. Sterling ensures that you maximize the value of each of your dollars by providing you with foreign exchange rates that will enhance your profitability.

Value enhancing advice

Our traders utilize trading strategies that minimize your transaction costs and help you to take advantage of market trends/conditions. Additionally, we provide you with a constant supply of critical market data to help inform your purchase and sale decisions. Sterling aims to help you consistently maximize profitability with each trade that you complete. This is not just about giving you the best rate but also the best advice. As a boutique operation we are structured to ensure that each client receives the strategic and technical advice relevant to their operations.


There are no transaction limits when you do business with Sterling. Additionally, all transactions are settled on the same day. With Sterling, your business also has uninhibited access to a wide array of exotic currencies including (but not limited to), the US and Canadian dollar, the Euros the yen, yuan, ruble, rand or won. Sterling’s infrastructure facilitates efficiency maximization. In turn, your business can punctually and effectively conduct business with customers, suppliers and service providers.

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