Custodial Accounts

Sterling Asset Management Limited brings the global capital market to your fingertips. Our custodial accounts facilitate the outright ownership of any investment instrument available on the international stock, bond and derivative markets. We most frequently recommend high yielding investment grade instruments such as:

  • US Government Agency bonds
  • Preference Shares
  •  Corporate bonds

For higher risk appetites we also sell sovereign emerging market securities such as:

  • Government of Brazil bonds
  • Government of Columbia
  • Government of Jamaica (GOJ) Global bonds

While these represent our most frequently purchased instruments, there are few limits to what we can provide.   Best for you if you require:

  • Above average returns
  • Relatively low risk
  • Periodic stream of income

Requirements (for new clients only):

  • completion of Account Opening Form (Download Account Opening Form)
  • photo ID (eg., driver’s licence or passport)
  • utility bill
  • payment in the form of a manager’s cheque

NB: overseas clients are required to have all documents notarized


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