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Our mission is to provide optimum returns to investors by designing and delivering investment products and services that meet the medium to long-term investment needs of individuals and institutions with medium to high net worth.

This we achieve through our innovative and personalized customer service, prudent investment practices, highly skilled professionals and timely, first-class market information and by being transparent and compliant with local and international regulations.


Our vision is to be the top Caribbean financial services company with the highest profitability, globally recognized and accepted, experiencing exceptional growth by demonstrating excellence in innovation, offering the crème de la crème in client satisfaction and portraying a positive social image.

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  • Q: Do you accept cash?
    A: Due to safety concerns, Sterling currently does not accept cash at our office. However, cash may be deposited directly to our...
  • Q: How easily can I encash all or part of my investment?
    A:  You may encash your investment at any time, however if you encash before the end of your tenure a penalty is applied.